Music makes everyone stay motivated. Apart from entertainment, music is like a magical spirit that renovates and refreshes ones mind. For some it may be hobby, pleasure; for some its like a medicine for life. Thus, music is a prominent part of entire universe.

To enjoy uninterrupted music we must have list of songs stacked in our phones and get updated with latest ones, Downloading songs from websites may look like a piece of cake, but sometimes we end up with annoying pop-up advertisements, additional links. It becomes much more hectic job when we wish to get new songs or albums.

Thus move to an easier way of getting your favorite ones by using free music download applications for android given below. You can avail these apps at Google Playstore for free.

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  • It is one of the coolest, first Indian music download apps that provides HD streaming and downloading music that can be listened offline later.
  • Has huge collection of 30 Million songs from different languages.
  • The availability of international songs, quality music make it more trending.
  • Its unique audio programming feature provides perfect music.
  • Saavn music comes with Saavn radio with many stations.
  • Users can create and save playlist of their choice.
  • It has 4.2 star rating among users.


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  • This is a quite familiar app among music lovers and has about 12 Million users.
  • Has user friendly interface.
  • Offers high quality music with built-in mp3 music along with thousands of curated playlists.
  • It consists of music of all genres ,artists covering Indian as well as International music
  • Ad-free, buffer free music streaming makes it more prominent
  • Allows user to set any song as hello tune.
  • It supports Chromecast,
  • It rates 4.2 among users.

3. 4Shared

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  • It is an impressive search tool that allows to access the playlist shared or uploaded by other users.
  • Offers 15GB storage for users.
  • Allows sharing of files from cloud.
  • Provides variety of songs of different genres and choices of people worldwide.
  • It has 5.0 rating among users.

4. Gaana

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  • This music download app is dedicated to Bollywood and regional songs.
  • Offers unlimited access to songs that can stream online or downloaded via in-built music app.
  • Consists of simple interface and thousands of pre-curated playlists.
  • Provides faster download of songs from different genres,artists, albums.
  • It has 4.4 star rating.

5. Google Play music

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  • It is one of the best free music download app that has about 50,000 songs in its database.
  • Provides automatic access or recommend song according to users’ taste.
  • Users can play all music from phones.
  • The ability to find or discover music according to ones mood, genre,atste, makes it unique.
  • It is provided with in-built radio.
  • It has 3.9 star rating.

6. Hungama music

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  • It is a premium mp3 downloader app tat provides regional music streaming as well as for downloading.
  • Most exclusive feature is it can play video songs.
  • Allows user to find music that matches their taste,mood,genre .
  • It has wide range of songs of about 3Million tracks of different languages.
  • Provided with radio, chromecast support for more enetertainment.
  • It rates 4.2 among users.

7. RockMyRun

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  • Perfect app for workout or exercise.
  • Presence of Heartbeat Synchronization feature makes it unique.
  • Filters playlist according to user’s heartbeat and delivers DJ mixed playlist for workouts.
  • Has free access to thousands of workout music that makes workout enthusiastic.
  • It rates 4,3 among users.

8. Sound Cloud

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  • Trending app available with music streamer as well as for download.
  • Main feature that makes it unique is, it connects artists to fans and friends.
  • Enables users to upload their own creations,albums.
  • Provided with good UI, that offers best quality music.
  • It has 4.5 rating.

9. Songily

Image result for songily music downloader pictures

  • It is an absolutely free music download app, with expected quality.
  • Does not have in-app purchase.
  • It is a direct app with better UI also available for PCs.
  • Allows access to music according to the choice of artist, album,DJ,etc.
  • It has 4.2 rating.

10. Jio Music

Image result for jio music downloader pictures

  • Recently launched app with more than 1 crore songs.
  • Offers songs of more than 15 different languages.
  • It is absolutely free for jio users.
  • Ad-free app with curated playlist based on artists, eras, moods, genres,etc.
  • It can synchronize downloaded music across different devices.
  • It has 4.5 rating.

11. Anghami

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  • Offers unlimited music that mainly covers International and Arabic songs.
  • Using this app users can create their own music videos,
  • Personal DJ rock music, ad-free app and easy to share features make it exclusive.
  • Helps to discover and enjoy new genres of songs with song lyrics.
  • It has 4.5 rating.

12. Music maniac MP3 Downloader

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  • It is one of the legal music downloader.
  • It has fully functional music player and download manager that can manage multiple downloads.
  • It allows users to download ringtones for device.
  • The only disadvantage is that it has pop-up ads.
  • It has 4.0 ratings.

13. Music Paradise Pro

Image result for music paradise pro downloader pictures

  • It is a completely free music download app.
  • Does not have in-app purchase.
  • It allows easier and faster way to search song with its integrated browser.
  • Consists of wide range of classical, high quality songs.
  • It is an ad-free app.
  • It has 5.0 rating.

14. iTube music

Image result for itube music downloader pictures

  • It provides music search by name, genre.
  • It is absolutely free app and does not have in-app purchase.
  • Offer fast download and occupies less space.
  • The only drawback is that it requires minimum 4.1 version for Hindi, Tamil songs.
  • It has 4.3 rating.

15. Napster

Image result for napster music downloader pictures

  • It is a new app for android.
  • Has more than 30Million MP3 tracks in its database.
  • It has music match feature.
  • It has 4.2 rating.

Music creates positive vibration and spreads happiness within oneself. Enjoy non-stop music with these various music download applications and stay energized.

Best iPhone Launchers for Android

Hey guys, ever wanted to get that apple iPhone feel on your smartphone? Or seen your buddy with that iPhone screen on his android smartphone and wondered how he got that interface on his phone. So, in this article I am going to tell you about some of the best launchers that will give your android smartphone that iPhone look, before that if some of you don’t know about what launchers are then, they are those software or applications which change the user interface or the screen interface of the smartphone. These launchers are just able to change the interface of your device from android to IOS, but they don’t improve or affect your device performance in any manner.

So, let’s get started:

  1. One Launcher


One Launcher is one of the most popular iPhone launcher in the google play store. It is free to download and can give you almost the exact feel of the IOS interface as on the iPhones. Also, it doesn’t show those irritating advertisements while using this launcher, because it is ad free too. Some of the key features of this launcher are:

  • It has simple functioning and it is light weighted, so no lags while using this launcher.
  • It has customisable home screen feature, where you can add themes, change icons as One Launcher offers various themes options.
  • It also offers smart widgets functionality where you can find new widgets other than from your previous android launcher with that iPhone look.

One Launcher doesn’t compromise with your android features, so that user can easily use the android device.

  1. iLauncher – OS 9


iLauncher is another fast and convenient IOS launcher for your android smartphone. The best thing in this launcher is its Google Now integration in its home screen interface which makes the usage of the phone more convenient for usage. The launcher will give you a similar IOS look with some customisations that makes it convenient for user. Note that this launcher has some ads, so dont forget to remove them using lucky patcher app.

Some of the key features of this launcher are:

  • It doesn’t have any app drawer, so all your smartphone applications will be on the home screen, making it lighter and faster.
  • It’s easy to delete, move and grouping the applications.
  • It has customization of gestures feature, where user can setup several gestures to perform specific tasks on his android smartphone for his easy usage and access of the applications.
  • It has personalisation feature where you can change themes of the home screen, scroll speed, customize apps & folders preview, and lots of other options.

With lots of options, and easy usability this launcher can be the perfect one for you.

  1. 6 Plus Launcher


This is another one of my favourite IOS android launchers, because of its attractive interface design. By the name only we can say that this launcher will provide your android smartphone with the similar interface of iPhone 6. So, if you like the interface of apple iPhone 6 then this launcher is perfect choice for you. The launcher is not that much light, so I would recommend you to use it, only if your android smart phone has RAM above 2Gb, with good processor.

Some of its key features are:

  • It has a unique home screen feature which enables the user to easily access all his applications installed on his android smart phone.
  • It has a unique swipe left feature in which by whenever user swipes left, he can see all his android applications in a sorted list for easy access. Here sorting is done based on user’s usage stats on each application, so that top applications on the list will the one which user open more frequently.
  • It has pin your app feature, where user can drag, move and pin his favourite applications and group them as user requirements.
  1. OS10 Launcher for Phone 7


This is one of the most recommended IOS launcher application by the users with high rating. I used this launcher and it feels great while using it. As it name implies, this launcher will provide you the interface similar to the apple iPhone 7. So if you want your android smart phone interface like iPhone 7 then this launcher is highly recommended for you. The main drawback of this launcher is that it contains advertisements so sometimes when ads pops up while you are using the phone frequently it can be very unpleasant experience for the user. This issue can be fixed by patching this application using Lucky patcher, about which you can read about in previous articles.

Some of its key features are:

  • It has personalisation feature where user have several options of themes, icons, slide screen effects, and many more to choose.
  • It has hide app feature, so that user can protect his applications from other uninvited or guest users. So now you do not need other hide app applications in your smartphone, as this launcher has this in-built functionality.
  • It also offers in-built OS search, booster and market feature where user can search the applications for easy accessibility, boost his device memory for easy memory management and fast working of phone & can find latest applications according to his usage.

Since this launcher gives so many features, it requires more RAM space for its functionality. So, I would recommend the readers to go for this launcher if you have good high-end device for its easy processing, and require all its features.

So, if you require a light launcher with less features, but good user interface experience then choose from the top two options that are IOS9 Launcher & One Launcher, but if you require more features and have a good high-end android smartphone then you can choose from the last two options in the article that are OS10 launcher & 6S Launcher.

So, guys these were some of the best options of among the IOS android launchers for your android smartphone. I hope this article was helpful to you and answered all your queries. Thanks for your time.